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The Big Trip

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The 4th of July we were finally ready to travel to Taiwan. We had estimated that the journey from our holiday home in the Netherlands to our new home in Taipei would take about 24 hours (including waiting times at the airport).

Before we were allowed to fly to Taiwan we had to take a Covid-19 test the day before leaving, fortunately we were all tested negative.

When we finally arrived in Taiwan after a 13-hour flight we had to fill in multiple forms. When traveling to Taiwan as a tourist you are always obligated to fill in an customs declaration form. Another form we had to fill in had to do with the Covid-19 outbreak. And for the last form we had to fill in all our details like adress and phone number, so that they could keep an eye on us during home-quarantine.

When everything was approved, we were finally allowed to go home. We had to take a special quarantine taxi. When we arrived at the taxi stand our hands, shoes and luggage were desinfected. We had to give the taxi drivers one of our forms so that they could make a copy, we got it back within a few minutes. With the six of us and all of our luggage we needed three taxis.

The drive to our new home took 45 minutes. Our luggage was loaded out by the taxi drivers and we could finally enter the home we were obligated to stay quarantined in for 14 days. Our home was really empty when we arrived. We didn't have a lot of furniture. Nor did we have a lot of food. Luckily our landlord got us some fresh fruits and vegetables that afternoon.

Now we have to stay quartined for 14 days. Luckily the weather is great (around 35 degrees).

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