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Shrimp fishing (?!)

Maybe you've heard of it, but most likely you have not. Shrimp fishing is a popular activity in Taiwan. Taiwanese people go shrimp fishing for a lot of reasons; they want to pass the time, they're bored, they really like fishing or they really like shrimp. Shrimp fishing really is an unique experience.

I went shirmp fishing this week. An aquaintance of my dad invited us to go together with his son and daughter. So they took us with them to an indoor shrimp fishing pool. We had to drive for about half an hour. Basically every district in Taipei has a shrimp pool, so don't worry about traveling very long.

When we arrived we had to pay for the amount of time that we wanted to fish. We decided to go fishing for 2 hours. We had to pay NT$600, which is a little more than €15,- per person. After paying you received a fishing rod and some bait.

We then chose a spot at the pool that is surrounded with chairs. A friendly employee explained to us the best way to catch the shrimp.

The next two hours we spent fishing. I caught 6 shrimps and both of my brothers caught 7. Eventhough I don't have a lot of patience nor fishing experience, I enjoyed shrimp fishing a lot!

When the two hours were over we had to wash the shrimp ourselves and roll them in salt. After we did that we grilled them. In the meanwhile our acquaintance ordered some traditional Taiwanese dishes to eat with the shrimp. If you order extra food, you need to pay more money. The price of the shrimp is included in the price for fishing, no matter how much you catch, you never have to pay extra for the shrimp.

Since we caught 33 huge shrimp and ordered extra food we weren't able to finish everything. Luckily that's no problem in Taiwan. Whenever you can't finish your food in a restaurant, you just ask for a bag and take the leftovers home.

I really really enjoyed shrimp fishing. And I think that if you ever go to Taiwan you shoud really try it!

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