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My Favorite Instagram-worthy Coffee Shop in Taipei

Maybe you're a big coffee-freak like me. Or maybe you like tea better. Either way, the place I'm recommending is amazing for both of us. Not only is it good-looking, their coffee, delicacies and lunch items taste amazing.

The Drinks on the Menu

Dreamers Coffee Roasters is a modern, Starbucks-like coffee shop. I say Starbucks-like, but I think they are better then Starbucks. Dreamers Coffee Roasters has a very big menu. They have their standard espressos, lattes, cold brews, milk teas and regular teas as well as sparkling tea and specialty tea like genmaicha and lychee aiyu jelly tea. They also sell twisters, which are milkshakes or smoothies, depending on the flavor you pick. Two more uncommon items on their menu are coffees with ice cream and coffee cocktails.

At Dreamers Coffee Roasters everything is about making your dream come true. I think that is also why you can find some very unique items on their menu. One of them is the Snickers Pretzel Twister, which you can see on the right. This is a milkshake which tastes exactly like Snickers and pretzels.

Among other flavors they also sell a Black Forest Coffee Twister and a Taiwan Papaya Twister.

Every season has its own flavors. Seeing that Fall and Winter are coming, they now sell some Fall and Winter flavors. One of which is a Cinnamon Chestnut (Coffee) Latte. If you ask me, this is the perfect drink for Fall. I don't see a lot of shops ever selling anything with chestnuts, but I love chestnuts, so I am very happy to have found Dreamers Coffee Roasters. Right now they also sell a Holiday Ginger Cappuccino and a Holiday Ginger Milk Tea.

There are also some special items sold year-round like the Valentine's Rose Latte and the Tiramisu Latte with Snow Mist. More special Taiwanese items include a Black Sesame Latte and an Espresso Tonic, which is a cold espresso with sparkling water.

The Food on the Menu

Not only the drink menu is very extensive, but the food menu is too. If you want to go there to have breakfast or lunch you can choose from different sandwiches like pulled pork and chicken, or you can have one of the seven salads, eat soup, have a type of sweet bread or order pasta. The possibilities are endless!

What's also good to know is that they have a ton of vegetarian options!

If you just want to have a coffee or tea with something sweet, no worries, I got you. You can choose between about ten types of sweet breads, three types of scones, multiple types of cake or pie and a range of cookies. All your sweet-cravings will be history after you went to this place ;).


Dreamers Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to catch up friends, hang out with your family or to study. Even though the interior is very industrial, they still managed to make it a warm and welcoming space. As you walk in the street you can already smell the coffee from the shop. Upon entering through the big wooden doors you hear the coffee machines making sounds and you can hear the people laugh and talk. You can see the pastries on the counter and all the colorful menu posters behind the counter.

I like that a lot of the menu items, especially the foods, are all pictured or displayed. I think this helps people choose what they want more easily. You can see all the wrapped and boxed sandwiches and salads in the fridge, as well as all the pastries on the counter. Some of the drinks are pictured as well.

Dreamers Coffee Roasters really is a place where they talk about dreams a lot. At the counter you have these cute cards which say "What is your dream in life?". Throughout the store you can find multiple texts about dreams and dreams coming true.

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon at this place and I hope you will too. In the meantime I'll be thinking about this question: "What is your dream in life?" and I am curious to know what's yours.

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