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Home quarantine pt 2

The second and last week of quarantine is almost as boring and long as the first week. So I decided to make something more fun out of it.

The weather is still very hot. The feel-like temperarture is between 40 and 42 degrees (every day!). Instead of getting cooler by relaxing indoors, me and my family took a dip in the pool once or twice a day. At sunset the temperature often is around 36 degrees, which is perfect for enjoying a drink and some snacks on the terrace.

This week I started to learn Mandarin again. I have started learning simplified Mandarin before, but because of the coronavirus I quit. Now I have picked up learning traditional Mandarin, which they speak in Taiwan.

I learned some basic phrases about the weather, transport and most importantly food.

In the Taiwanese culture food is very important. It is what you receive as a gift when you get here. When you go out with friends or colleagues you always grab some food. On every corner of every street you can get some food, the so-called streetfood. I cannot wait to try it all.

We received another Ikea package this week. This time it contained four closets and an outdoors dining table. We've managed to put together some closets and the table already. The house finally feels less empty. All the furniture makes sure it feels like home more and more.

Monday we can finally go outside. We will take a stroll through the neighbourhood and visit a park that is closeby. Most likely we will also go grocery shopping, in a real shop instead of online.

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