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Home Quarantine pt 1

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Quarantine at home.. 14 days of doing pretty much nothing. It may sound pretty relaxed, but it is harder than you might think.

When we arrived our home was still half-empty. Some of the furniture still needs to be bought and some of the furniture is on its way per cargo ship. A lot of our personal belongings like books, crafts supplies and clothes are yet to arrive as well. Fortunately we do have our most important stuff with us.

So, what do we do all day? We mostly just relax indoors, watch some TV or enjoy some games. Next to that we are searching the internet for places we want to go when quarantine is over. This week we also had to sign our offical visa application at home.

In Taiwan you can order your groceries online at multiple webshops for example at Carrefour. We order our groceries at Carrefour when we need a lot of things. We have also ordered groceries at Foodpanda. When you order at Foodpanda you often have to wait less than an hour for your groceries to be delivered.

We have also ordered some furniture and house decorations at Ikea. Ordering at Ikea is very easy at well. Once you made the order you will get a confirmation e-mail in which it says that your order will arrive withing 3-7 days. A few days after you placed the order, Ikea will call you to set up a time and date for delivery.

For the next week of quarantine we will be unpacking our Ikea package. And probably hang indoors a lot. The government gave an official warning for hot weather. The feel-like temperature will be around 40 degrees all week!

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