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A Hidden Gem near Taipei: Shuiwei Mystery Coast

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Looking for a perfect place to cool down during Summer or to wander around in Fall? Shuiwei Mystery Coast it is! With its hidden location, spectacular views and interesting rock formations, Shuiwei Mystery Coast is the perfect place to walk around by yourself, with friends or with family.

Shuiwei Mystery Coast is a hot scenic spot hidden behind Shuiwei Fishing Harbor. To get to the mystery coast you have to walk past the fishing harbor, up and down some wooden stairs, over rocks and finally through a very small and narrow cave. Experiencing this, it is no wonder they called this place 'Mystery Coast'.

Even before walking through the cave you can already see the wideness and vastness of the East China Sea. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face you get all the more excited to walk through that cave.

Once you passed through the cave a whole new world unfolds itself. One of the first things you see are the rocks on which you walk. They're light orange from color and shaped by the ocean. You kind of have to walk, balance and climb your way through them to get to the viewpoints. Every now and then you will come across a huge rock. If you want the perfect photos you should climb these and take a picture!

When you look to the huge ocean, you can see two big rocks, like candlesticks. These are called the Twin Candlestick Islets or on Google Maps, Double Rocks. Unfortunately you can't swim to these rocks, but you can rent a paddle board close by and go there on a paddle board, but be careful!

If you follow the coastline you will eventually get to some stairs. You should DEFINITELY take these stairs. The stairs lead to amazing viewpoints. At one of the points you will stand on the edge of a cliff, with the ocean, rocks and the world at your feet. You will either feel really small, because the world is so big or really big, because the world is at your feet.

One of the things I like most about Mystery Coast is the combination of colors. You have the sandy orange of the rocks, the magical blue of the ocean and the fresh green of all the trees and plants next to the rocks.

If you want to go to Shuiwei Mystery Coast you should look up Shuiwei Harbor on Google Maps, drive there and visit the Mystery Coast. If you come from Taipei you are lucky! The drive to Mystery Coast will be through the Yangmingshan National Park, which has a beautiful scenery and which really gets you in the mood for mystery. If you are really lucky, you might even see some monkeys on the way!

On your drive you Yangmingshan National Park you will come across one or two small markets. If you have time, you can stop and buy some of the really tasty Taiwanese fruits they sell there.

Even though it is 45 minute drive, it is definitely worth it! Not only will you see a lot of Yangmingshan National Park, but you will also get your weekly share of adventure at Shuiwei Mystery Coast!

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