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4 Things to do in Fall in Taipei City

In a lot of places the weather isn't all too good during Fall. It is rainy, cold and windy or just not that comfortable. In Taiwan it is quite the opposite. Fall is THE season to go out and do things, simply because the weather is so comfortable!

Taiwan’s fall begins around mid-October. That’s when you start to see some color change in the trees and when the weather gets cooler. Now, don’t worry about getting cold in Fall here. The weather will be around 25°C all of Fall. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you will even see some 30°C days.

So, what are some amazing things to do in Fall?


There is nothing like going on a nice hike during the day. Fall makes that possible! There are a lot of amazing hiking trails all around Taipei. Some of them being rather easy and some of them quite intense. One of Taipei's most famous hiking trails is Elephant Mountain located in Xinyi District. It is super easy to get to. You just have to take the Red Line MRT and exit at Xiangshan Station, from there you can follow the signs and before you know you're at the foot of Elephant Mountain. This hike will take you about 30-60 minutes, depending on how many photo's you want to take up top. I loved doing this hike! It is short but intense, seeing that the whole trail consists of stairs. Once you get up top you can overlook a big part of Taipei, including the Taipei 101 which is not far. It is absolutely mesmerizing!


With the ocean waters still being really warm after Summer, going to the beach is a great thing to do in Fall. Different from during the hot Summer days, you're much less likely to get sunburned in Fall. You can find some really pretty beaches just a 45 minute drive from Taipei. Most beaches are good for swimming between the beginning of May and the end of October, so make sure you don't wait too long to go.

If you are really into surfing you may find that you can enjoy surfing at one of Taiwan's famous surfing beaches. Once again, you can do this in Summer but it is much more comfortable in Fall.

Taipei Zoo

Located in Taipei's Wenshan District you can find the Taipei Zoo. The Taipei Zoo is rated the top 52 zoo in the world and is one of the largest zoos in Asia. At the zoo you can find around 400 animal species(!), some being inherent to Taiwan and some being 'imported'. Amongst others you can find panda's, tigers, two types of elephants, rhino's, many types of birds, monkeys and snakes.

Not only is this zoo great for visiting because of the many different animal species, the park is also very beautiful. The zoo's layout is very much like a zoological park in which you can find a bird dome, a panda house, a butterfly house and different indoor and outdoor areas where animals are kept.

To get into the zoo you have to pay a small fee of 60NT$ a person, which is roughly 2 euro's. Yes, it is that cheap! If you go to the zoo I recommend you walk the park uphill, and take the small shuttle train from the bird world station to come back down.

The Taipei Zoo is perfect for spending the morning or afternoon, but it is also great to spend a whole day.

Amusement Park

Can you picture it yet: sitting in a small rollercoaster enjoying a nice little breeze? Well, if you can you should definitely visit Taipei's Amusement Park. Some people may say that the Amusement Park is a place for kids, but Taiwanese couples from all ages argue otherwise.

The Taipei Amusement Park is a popular place to spend an afternoon. You can enjoy some attractions, have lunch or ice cream and just have fun!

I hope you found some inspiration on things to do this Fall. Hope you have a good time!

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